1. 486th President

    Let’s hear your voice

    I’ve seen some of y’all bullying each other about age or gender But now no one has an excuse send the voice so I can know who’s male or female I’m calling everyone fam no one is safe tonight @Bronco @Garen @Halimo Supremist @Shmurda @Susa @x z @IgaFuuq @Nafiso Qalanjo And...
  2. cantspeak

    The Level that Faraaxs go for Love

    “A few years ago, I met a Brazilian girl. She worked for one of the embassies in Nairobi at the time. We fell in love and agreed to get married. She introduced me to her family in Brazil through Skype. However, as we started getting closer to the day of the wedding, I started having second...