somaliland is isaaqland

  1. Manafesto

    NEWS Secessionist region Of Somaliland Writes a disheartening letter to the newest country in the world that gained recognition within a Month & begs for

    For Ictiraaf, Duh,:ohlord:This is crazy, Bisinka, begging an island full of negros Prostitute that serves the white tourists. :mjlol: It took Barbardos only a month to become a sovereign republic country and now Somaliland is begging them for ICtiraaf, Mark my words you will see Barbardos...
  2. Kezira

    Zeila (Lawyacaddo) - Borama road is approximately 280 KILOMETERS!

    Thank you World Bank, African Development Bank and Bayle. Did you know Bayle used to work for African Development Bank in the past. He is the one that got them to fund many Somalia roads including the Zeila - Borama - Jigjiga road. The road is approximately 280 KILOMETERS to Borama. Never once...