somaliland army

  1. F

    450 militiamen with 21 technicals defect from Puntland to Somaliland

    Look at this old man calaacaling from Garoowe. Cali Maraykan is saying that the militia was formed by Cagjar and his clan after the gambadhe incident and he's also insinuating that arming the people came from shirkii Jigjiga. Watch from 3:20 onwards, he's saying that our clan has been collecting...
  2. SLMan990

    Is it time for the Somaliland to conquer the south

    The reer kunfur have proven utterly incapable of governing themselves. They have chosen to worsen a civil war instead of negotiating, they have done nothing to prevent a preventable famine and the so called government is really in the pockets of the Turks, US and Khaliji arabs depending on the...
  3. SLMan990

    Somaliland is here to Stay. Y'all better get used to it.

    Somaliland ain't going anywhere. Its powerful military and allah guarantee this fact. Secondly, instead if this sad obsession the reer kanfuur have with us, you should use that energy to rebuild your country. I just love how some southerners claim to be nationalists but are silent when it comes...
  4. Saalax Bidaar

    This vehicle was sprayed with bullets

    I counted at least 30 !
  5. Saalax Bidaar

    SL technicals weapons of choice Vs. Puntland’s

    SL technicals: I have noticed Somaliland uses ZPU variants for its Technicals. It is almost standard issue across its battle wagons. They use this: =ZPU-1 aka Siikaawe in Somali. Mounted on Toyota pick ups. It can be used both for infantry as well as anti aircraft. It can be...