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  1. Manafesto

    Former Galmudug president Sh.Shakir enjoying his retirement in Turkey after a big paid off

    The N&N trolls has been lying to us all this time, the Haramcad militia didn't topple the former GL terrorist leader nor did they arrested him as the news reported few months back, he was paid off by the Turkey government and is living lavishly in Turkey.
  2. Falcon

    FGS, FMS Leaders Agree to Meet in Dhusamareb, 2 Days After PL and JL Refused to Attend Mogadishu Conference

    According to some reports, FGS and FMS leaders held a teleconference following the failed Mogadishu conference. both sides agreed to meet in Galmudug on the 8th of July. The warring sides will meet on neutral grounds, in the great state of Galmudug. Giving Mr.Qoor Qoor, who enjoys good...