somali rapper

  1. W

    Foolie the best Somali rapper! He got a track with YNW Melly

    So proud to see him succeeding. Fun fact : His father was a 78' veteran
  2. CanIDimo

    Abo funniest Somali Rap song

    I'm not sure if yall seen this rap song, it's the funnest shit This was my ring tone tune back in 2010/2011 in year 7 and 8
  3. CanIDimo

    cringe:Somali female rappers

    what is with the growing number of testosterone junkie somali girls who are rather masculine from the deep tone of their voice to their tomboy aura to their ebonics lingo :ileycry: Somali girls plz stop this, not only is it cringe worthy it makes yall so unattractive :hova:
  4. CanIDimo

    This guy needs to be stopped- geeljire delusionary

    This guy is touring the mosques in Londonistan holding lengthy lecturers about how he was once a top selling artists who had a charting album :gucciwhat:and that he gave up his multi million dollar lucrative career in the music industry for THE SEEK OF ALLAH. MASHALLAH it's something to...