somali politics

  1. L

    my aunt may be the first female mayor of her city

    she’s in the xildhibaan, does charity work and an MP. she regularly meets with the mayor, and they discuss development. her goal is to become the mayor inshallah 🤲 make dua
  2. O

    Heavy fighting breaks out between SNA and Jubbaland forces in Beled-Hawo Mr.Cheese ain't playing around lately
  3. CanIDimo

    Famous UK rapper advocates for Muna Kay

    tion wayne is one of the biggest rappers in the uk now, and somali girls have been thirsty for him since day one, he would ignore them but now not only is he giving them attention but he's getting involved in Somali politic :damnmusic: The system is glitching really hard :gladbron: even hoyoo...
  4. Y

    Secret US base in Somalia