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  1. Manafesto

    Acute food crisis looms in Somaliland, resulting from the war in Ukraine

    Somalilanders blame Somalia's government for the famine engulfing the FMS. The comments on this portrays what the average Somalilander is the cause of this repeating famine on their federal member state, the FGS, although they SL has denounced to sit with the FGS multiple times during last decade.
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    DEVELOPING NEWS Somalia's National Audit Office says central government transferred funds to Somaliland(78 Million)

    I wonder what Somaliland did to the 78 Million dollars FGS gave to secessionist region of Somaliland? https://www.somalidispatch.com/latest-news/national-audit-office-says-central-government-transferred-funds-to-somaliland/
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    UNVERIFIED Somali government embezzled the Beledweyne flood aid money from Djibouti

    Here is Djibouti ambassador's interview today telling Hiiraan Online that they gave away the 600k in question 7 months ago. :ohlord: