somali genetics

  1. ladySomal206

    GENETICS J1 update (Big Y)! Could some Hartis be relatives of the Yemeni/Saudi tribe Khawlan?

    After upgrading our FamilyTree Y-DNA 37 to the Big Y, our haplogroup has been updated to a deeper J-ZS8897. Our closest relatives so far is a Somali who is Warsangeli and the Khawlan tribe of Yemen/Saudi Arabia. J1 is rare in Somalis. After all this DNA research what we have learned for sure...
  2. ladySomal206

    GENETICS DNA questions-J1

    Asc, A newbie here and wanted to come on here for a sense of direction. We recently took a YDNA test for several people in our family as we migrated to Ethiopia (Bale) 3-6 generations ago from northern Somalia. Not sure if it was due to war or other reasons but our families held tight to being...

    GENETICS Who are the Natufians?

    And what is there relationship to modern Somalis? What did their genetic makeup look like? I’ve seen many on this forum mentioning them, but I can’t really find much online about this civilisation. Are all Northeast Africans related to them?