somali community

  1. H

    Great initiative I found on Reddit

  2. Xtermix

    Why are somalis more active than other groups of people on the internet.

    i saw a post on Reddit showing the activity of African countries' subreddits in proportion to their subscribers, and somalia sticks out like a sore thumb. I think somalis seek eachother out more than other people, even on the internet. for example, on discord, there are at least 50-100 somali...
  3. Odkac WRLD

    Mental Health + Addiction in the Diaspora

    This is not a mocking or degrading thread. This is simply my opinion on, what I think at least, is a pretty big issue in the Somali community. We are not infallible, righteous people. If we were, maybe we would be in our country, no offense. We were all quick to mock Biftu, but tbh she was...
  4. CanIDimo

    diaspora Hangout spots

    i want to get to know all the Somali diaspora communities, can yall post google maps links to the somali hangout spot in your city and country, popular somali dominated roads and areas were you will see a lot of somalis in google maps, somali cafe spots, restaurants, shopping malls for...