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  1. Mr. Nur

    Somalia's Borders are in Great Danger: East African Clans and Insurgent Groups Threaten Greater Somalia Unification

    The post discusses the danger that Somalia's borders are facing from various threats, including insurgent groups like al-Shabaab, conflicts in neighboring countries like Ukraine, and ethnic clans in East Africa. The post also touches on the concept of Greater Somalia, which aims to unite all...
  2. Manafesto

    What is your stand on Somali Bantus after watching this video?

    Somalis are getting trashed like a MF on this video, we are getting violated on here, madax xanuun Walahi:noneck: Kulahaa 18 regions of Somalia 9 of them are the majority Bantus,:camby: How can a tribe of only 900k can live across 9 different regions?:snoop: Who is spreading this fake...