1. Killamenace78

    What’s going on in Hargeisa ?

    Can someone please explain what’s going on I’m kinda confused on the situation some guy got arrested by muse and now a clan is threatening the president.
  2. Killamenace78

    Xalimo makes a video claiming most Somali woman bleach their skin 100k views and rising

    Honestly, I'm tired of seeing self-hating Somalis. Why give ammo to ajinabis who hate us? Bleaching is rare amongst Somalis worldwide, especially in the diaspora. I have never heard of younger generation Somalis doing it; maybe a few aunties, but that’s it. Now an ajnabi will see this and think...
  3. Killamenace78

    Breaking news 🚨: Al-Shabab Regains Ground from Somali Forces and is now collaborating with the Houthis

    Al-Shabab has reversed all Somali National Army gains made over the last two years and is now working with the Houthi militant group to expand its capabilities, according to senior U.S. defense officials. “They are working with the Houthis,” said a senior U.S. defense official, who spoke to...
  4. Killamenace78

    Why doesn’t Alshabab make a political party and join elections ?

    I've always wondered: has this ever happened? Also, wouldn't it be better for them to do this? They would have much more support amongst the people.
  5. Killamenace78

    Johnny Oromo gets packed on twitter 🏳️

    First Yusuf now Johnny Oromo were on a roll we need to ban all of the people bringing shame to us 😂
  6. Killamenace78

    Ethiopians are protecting the Wikipedia site of Johnny Somali

    Wow look at this they said his dad is Somali and his mom is Oromo when in reality he’s Yemeni and Oromo can anyone here with Wikipedia access edit this Johnny Somali isn’t even famous but these Ethiopians made an entire Wikipedia page to promote hate against us why does a a small YouTuber with...
  7. Killamenace78

    Edna Aden back at it again “We are not pirates” London📍

    Our favorite Catholic queen
  8. Killamenace78

    TikTok video blames the Tutsi genocide on France

    No one was well armed it was just genocidal Bantus who had machetes that’s it no one to blame this was Cushitic genocide we will get back one day don’t worry 😞
  9. Killamenace78

    What region would be called Somaliweyns 🇸🇴 Bible Belt?

    Basically most religious and conservative strongest emphasis on traditional value etc
  10. Killamenace78

    Ethiopia smells like shit and piss confirmed by a Eritrean woman

    Is this true has anyone been there I’m planning on going to jigjiga this summer I don’t wanna faint
  11. Killamenace78

    Does phenotype have anything to do with environment or diet?

  12. Killamenace78

    Black woman assaults and abuses 3 year old Somali boy with autism 😔

    Another reason to never take your kids to daycare things like this happen regularly some humans are trash
  13. Killamenace78

    Black woman asks TikTok why BLK woman have the lowest marriage rate 26%

    Comments were going crazy the mathow community in America has so much self hatred for their own
  14. Killamenace78

    New level of corruption: Selling food aid from the UAE 🇦🇪

  15. Killamenace78

    Somali Passport 1967 🇸🇴 Visa free countries entry

    Wllhi its sad seeing this our country literally went downhill 😞
  16. Killamenace78

    Ethiopian ambassador forgot to delete his tabs ⬛️🟧 Edition

    This mf couldn’t wait for Ramadan to end 💀 🙏 Naughty Black housewife 😭 😭
  17. Killamenace78

    Since when did Somalis have a tectonic plate named after them ? 😂

    Now you know also we will separate from Africa in a few million years stay tuned 🙏
  18. Killamenace78

    Ethiopia has the highest testosterone levels in africa

    I 100% think if Somalis were tested we would’ve been at number 1 😂
  19. AbdiFreedom

    High profile Pro-Israeli Liberal lashes out at Ahmed Hussen for reinstating UNWRA funding

  20. Killamenace78

    Jacob Rothschild: Financier dies aged 87