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  2. Manafesto

    What ethnic group would you marry beside Somalis?

    As the title says, If there was no Somali girls/guys around hypothetically speaking, what ethnic group would marry from? I would personally marry from India, their women have almost the same qualities as our girls and they are mostly supportive and family oriented and ofcourse submissive.
  3. Manafesto

    Do you think Farmaajo should resign?(Poll)

    I know it is practically unheard of for an African leader to resign but if he cares about the country, he will be setting a precedent and doing the honourable thing like Abdulahi Yusuf. He cant stay because the security situation is messed up. He says he's sorry but what exactly is being done...
  4. Timo Jareer and proud

    Somali Diversity

    I love how diverse in looks Somali's can be. I have never seen such diverse looks in such an ethnicily homogenous people in the world. From this, To this, and even this, Very cool it's like we can't even fit into any category of "race' the world throws at us. Very...