1. Puffin Stuff

    Xenophobia and Racism (Improvements)

    As a highly homogenous coastal nation with little history of resident foreigners, it is perhaps unsurprising that racism runs rampant, especially as anti-discrimination laws do not exist outside of a few special cases. Bantu's, most of them the descendants of forced laborers (Slaves) Either...
  2. Zach

    Self hating!

    Can someone define “self hating so and so” like what does that mean? Cuz first time I heard that I thought that person is suicidal like but apparently it means you hat your race. But when is someone called “self hating”?
  3. A

    Why are Somalis such parasites?

    I am never again hanging around Somalis in my life they leech off you like a parasite, extort the shit out of you if they know you have money. Try to use you in every way possible and just suck the life out of you. Somalis are lazy, uneducated, they don't want to work. I am full Somali and I...
  4. Huur

    Great Britian's Treaties relating to the Arabian and African Coasts (Somalis Included)

    Source: A Collection Of Treaties, Engagements, and Sunnuds relating to India and Neighbouring Countries. Compiled by C. U. AITCHISON, B. C. S., Under-Secretary to the Government of India in the Foreign Department. VOL. VII., Published...