1. Hazy24

    Somali rapper disses Siad Barre in a track🤨

    what are your opinions 🙃
  2. Manafesto

    SNM founder's eldest son found slayed and killed in his house in Hargeisa Somaliland

    Rumors are saying Muse Bihi is behind the poor victim death and assassination,so far the SNM led administration of Somaliland has not said a word on the slaying of the SNM founders eldest son.
  3. Manafesto

    OPINION Debunking the Myth “Democracy” In Somaliland(Informative Article)

  4. Manafesto

    From Freedom Fighter to Fighting Freedom — Has Somaliland’s President Bihi Turned Into A Thin-Skinned Autocrat?

    Somaliland Chronicl From Freedom Fighter to Fighting Freedom — Has Somaliland’s President Bihi Turned Into A Thin-Skinned Autocrat? The Republic of Somaliland is a quintessential example of the phoenix that rose from the ashes, a country built back from the rubble created by the brutal Barre...
  5. Manafesto

    DEVELOPING NEWS 240 Heavily armed Somaliland soldiers defect from SL base into Buhoodle, Toghdheer region of Puntland

    The defected soldiers of 240 personals also got away with many technicals and weapons and brought all their gear to Buhoodle where they received a welcome party from fellow residents of Cayn capital city of Buhoodle Puntland. The soldiers said discrimination,abuse and injustice were few of many...
  6. Manafesto

    UPDATE Corrupt and Oligarchic region of Somaliand's president Bihi orders all vehicles in SL to have insurance through relative owned new manapoly comapny

    Like I said before in the thread posted below, the traingle desert region on the NW of Somalia Somaliand has been minicking Djibouti style of economic manapoly and Oligarchic governance. This Amana insurance owned by Bihi's relatives manoplized the UAE owned port of Berbera transportation...
  7. Manafesto

    NEWS A Veteran and the First SNM warrior to become disabled in the rebellion property's and house in Hargeisa confiscated by Bihi's government

    Wow, before Muse Bihi has been robbing and confisticting minority tribe's land around Hargeisa and now greedy bandit is finessing his SNM's buddies properties in 2021, Bihi is heartless and cold blooded thug who isn't even ashamed of stealing from a disabled man who happens to have been his...
  8. Adaawe

    SL seccesionist EXPOSED as perpetrator of Dila massacre

  9. Cityviews

    Former President Silanyo accused of war crimes, in 1980s Ethiopia

    @Bohol what do you think of this? Source:
  10. Puffin Stuff

    My Upte was on tv

    ny Upte the man below was on tv and I’ve only just found out I’m not reer daahir but my mother is his sister guys a legend he’s got a booming voice he’s callled cod dheer in Burco you might know who his father is but that’s for another thread
  11. Kezira

    Borama and Dilla massacre February 4, 1991

    Never forgotten and will be remembered every year
  12. Suhaib

    Excerpts from the 1990's

    USC Spokesman on Mogadishu Battle, Future PlansLondon BBC World Service in English December 31, 1990, 1709 GMT [From the “Focus on Africa” program] Well, as you heard, the group claiming responsibility for much of the military success against Somali Government troops is the United Somali...