1. Cityviews

    Former President Silanyo accused of war crimes, in 1980s Ethiopia

    @Bohol what do you think of this? Source:
  2. Puffin Stuff

    My Upte was on tv

    ny Upte the man below was on tv and I’ve only just found out I’m not reer daahir but my mother is his sister guys a legend he’s got a booming voice he’s callled cod dheer in Burco you might know who his father is but that’s for another thread
  3. Kezira

    Borama and Dilla massacre February 4, 1991

    Never forgotten and will be remembered every year
  4. Suhaib

    Excerpts from the 1990's

    USC Spokesman on Mogadishu Battle, Future PlansLondon BBC World Service in English December 31, 1990, 1709 GMT [From the “Focus on Africa” program] Well, as you heard, the group claiming responsibility for much of the military success against Somali Government troops is the United Somali...