shukri abdi

  1. Helios

    For Those With Shukri PFPs...

    Anyone who has Shukri Abdi in their pfp and is spewing toxic shit should reconsider. You're an ambassador for the Justice for Shukri Abdi Movement for lurkers and visitors to sspot and any senseless garbage that you decided to post is simply disrespectful. For example What message are you...
  2. Helios

    What's Going On?

    Since the tragic murder of Shukri happened last June to now there's been a deafening silence from the wider diasporas globally compared to reer uk. From protesting across various cities in the uk, writing to politicians, raising awareness on social media and having known figures with a platform...
  3. Abdi Caato

    we should identify as 'black' when it benefits us

    I see many viral tweets riding off the #BLM movement in order to raise awareness for the case of our little sister Shukri Abdi to the extent that Shukri is trending #1 on UK Twitter and even major celebrities like Ice Cube with millions of followers are becoming aware of her case and yet...
  4. AarHawd_7

    Somalis on social media are massive

    They got #JusticeForShukri trending in America, Canada and United Kingdom within 24 hours!! Immense shows you how big they are on social media. #JusticeForShukriAbdi #JusticeForAbdiAli #JusticeforIsakAden !!!!