1. 4head

    The Warrior VS Wimp Skulls in Men

    What do you think about this subject? Having a straight forward jawline, a thick neck and also a strong and sharp brow ridge is masculine, dominant and therefore attractive. Also having a straight nose,is another trait for dominant and strong men. I find it interessing. I wanted to share this...
  2. CanIDimo

    Besides religion what is the purpose of life for you??

    Religion aside, what are the things you believe are the most meaningful in life? this is more relevant to the men on here
  3. S

    What's your tendency? *Quiz*

    What’s your Tendency? (Quiz) This isn’t a personality quiz, just a quiz to test your inclinations on how you meet expectations. It will just help you understand yourself and others a little better. Especially when it comes to making and breaking habits. Inner Expectations – Those you make for...