1. Manafesto

    Somali journalist pays a visit to a religiously outcasted neighborhood called Takfiir/Isalmiya where women can lead prayers & can perform..

    Meher and marriage Nikahs,these are not the only thing they can do, the women in that segratated community can also do whatever a man can do religious wise. I don't understand why everyone in the comments is Takfiiring on these Noble women uplifting their gender while working against odds in...
  2. D

    A Pathway to Intra-Sunni Theological Unity

    With the name and praises of Allah, the All-Knower, the All-Wise Summary of Main Points Sectarianism is forbidden in Islam, yet various groups emerged relatively early in Islamic history. In response, the Companions (ر) and their followers (who represented orthodoxy) remained steadfast on...
  3. tyrannicalmanager

    Fake shia imam going by the moniker imam of peace causing hate and division

    there fake shia imam called tawhidi who's sole mission is to denigrate islam and muslims, one quick look at twitter will show large fallowing of anti-muslim zionist/hindus by echoing every antislamic setiment they have. he has no real islamic education nor...