1. Cabdi

    grazing lands in Xingalool South Eastern Sanaag

  2. abdallah

    Caare hands over his milita and takes off his uniform

  3. CaliTedesse

    What is his role in General Caarre's Militia

    Man on the left is Samaroon(Gadabuursi) his name is Ina Dahir Casood Can someone explain who has been following this?
  4. GBTarmy

    Puntland President visits Sanaag for the first time

    Abdiweli Gaas is visiting Midigale, Cawsane village and Badhan city in Sanaag, last year the Maakhir University was built and its launch will start soon along with a visit to see how the Ceerigaabo-Ceel dahir road is going. Recent dam was also built in Midigale village. This is the...
  5. Abdalla

    SOMALIA Ceel Daahir - Badhan highway

    The Ceel Daahir-Ceerigaabo road is a major project to construct a 210 KM paved road. This is will enable the Sanaag cities like Badhan, Midigale, Rad and of course Ceerigaabo to be connected to the port town, Bosaso. It consists of two phases: 1: Ceel Daahir- Badhan 2; Badhan- Ceerigaabo The...
  6. Saalax Bidaar

    A recent picture of Col Caare Xafidahullah

    I also heard Mujaahid Ahmed Cadiib is joining him there
  7. AceofSom

    SOMALILAND Somaliland Pictures & Videos

  8. DRACO

    Sanaag/Sahil: oil exploration

    HARGEISA- A Chinese-owned private firm, BGP has signed a contract with Somaliland government to explore oil in Sanaag and Sahil regions. The Energy & Mineral Minister, Hon. Jama Mahmud Egal has inked the deal with BGP to conduct oil exploration by February 2018. The Chinese-owned firm will...
  9. Bohol

    Lets all appreciate the work of the boys of B town

    12 + terrorists exterminated + 30 injured in Ceel Afweyn is impressive feat by the boys of B town. They are hard on terrorists and never take prisoners.
  10. Bohol

    Drone footage:Welcome to Somalia's highest mountains (Daalo and Surad forests)

    Very green and well looked after land.