1. alien

    Salafis and Wahabbis

    I know nothing about "salafi Islam" and can someone break it down for me. And what is Wahabbi. I've been hearing people say that Saudi Arabia is Wahabbi.
  2. Hatredfree

    Somali Islamic scholars condemn barbar viral Song

    "Barbar iskubatuurtaye beri maxad oran":drakelaugh::dead: This nigaz are jealous people are having fun.
  3. H

    How many of you agree with cheikh rageah

    This gay ass Somali cheikh is even saying that shaking hands with the opposite sex is haram. A month ago, a female relative of mine who's married wouldn't shake my hand. It's the first time this ever happened to me.
  4. B

    Darmstadt release Tunisian player Anis Ben-Hatira over Islamic charity link

    Bundesliga club Darmstadt have released Tunisian midfielder Anis Ben-Hatira by mutual consent following criticism of his ties with an Islamic charity. Ansaar International has been criticised in Germany with media reports alleging it was linked to the controversial Islamic Salafist sect...