sad simps

  1. Internet Nomad

    We are living in a Dystopian Novel

    Due to the recent rise in both men's and women's loneliness. That is felt in almost all ages. Many people have searched for a companion in the digital world. No, I'm not referring to online relationships. I'm referring to real-deal AI girlfriends. :ahh: When I saw Bladerunner 2042, I believed...

    two saqaajan faaraaxs exposed for indecency and simplike behaviour

    @Shmurda @Abdul Hadi Pasha you two have no shame or sense of decency why must you share your lust with the rest of the forum 24/7:jcoleno: @purple haze you are at fault for being a batty boy ahk so pattern up or you'll be featuring in the next thread with ss :fredo:

    NSFW happy to see horny faaraxs exposed!

    From this day forth, there will be no simp will rest easy on sspot :fredo: when was the last time you f00ked something besides the Cheeto crusted keys of your playstation/xbox @Shmurda :kanyehmm: @SuleymanPitt @LRW20 As an ex prostitute/sex addict let me tell you that abstinence is...