1. Manafesto

    Somali journalist pays a visit to a religiously outcasted neighborhood called Takfiir/Isalmiya where women can lead prayers & can perform..

    Meher and marriage Nikahs,these are not the only thing they can do, the women in that segratated community can also do whatever a man can do religious wise. I don't understand why everyone in the comments is Takfiiring on these Noble women uplifting their gender while working against odds in...
  2. Manafesto

    DEVELOPING NEWS Somaliland president bans SL citizens to take part in Somalia’s Politics and labels those who do as a national “traitors” that deserve a jail time

    Wow dictatoshop at it best lol In a presidential decree, Somaliland President Muse Bihi has said that every citizen who takes part in Somalia’s Politics will be identified as a national “traitor” and will be arraigned in court. This decree could frighten many Somalilanders who are now in...
  3. Manafesto

    NEWS Ethiopian residents of Somaliland urge SL government to grant them citizenship rights and demand political representation

    I knew this day will come where Ethiopian residents of Somaliland region demand their rights as Somaliand citizens, the Ethiopians have been mass displacing to SL for decades due to SL government close relations with Ethiopia. What is real shocking is the shameless Ethiopian lovers in the...
  4. Manafesto

    UPDATE The International Election observers criticize Somaliland elections in a new report and suggests political party reforms free from clan affiliation

    International election observers have file their final report on Somaliland’s polls held at the end of May. The document praises the holding of balloting, but expresses serious criticism of the Hargeisa’s electoral system. And most significantly, the report expresses regret that no women were...
  5. Manafesto

    NEWS Gang rape,murder,drugs and Smuggling exotic animals dominated the top crimes commited in Somaliland In 2020 according to SL human rights watch report

    Somaliland needs to tackle the widespread gang rape, murder and drug abuse engulfing it's community, within the last few years the unrecognized and self alienated NW region of Somalia became known as the rape capital of Somalia suppressing the chaotic southern Somalia and other FMS.
  6. S

    Know your rights! Stoping being ignorant about how your data is being used!

    Overview: The GPDR makes requirements to the handling of your data and the conditions for which "handling" is legal, and due to the supremacy of EU-law it means all handling of personal information in the EU must conform jf. case of Costa v. ENEL. Basic concepts: Application: The regulation...
  7. S

    Somaliland arrests Hargeisa bureau chief of the London based Universal TV and other journalist

    And this is done without court warrants, at this point why even have a court? A telephone answering machine has more independence.
  8. I've spoken

    Somali Gay Posts Youtube Video

  9. Mugheerah

    List of violent rape apologists (on SSPOT)

    @Duchess @Barni @Reiko @JohnDoe @Tramo @ghost @Bubi @Racer @Sunique (naag oo maanta bilaabtay) @IllestCrownUsurper Walle waa yaabanahay. Caadhi ma aha. How would they like it if it happened to them? Yah? Then they get personal. Yaa laga dareemin