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    Know your rights! Stoping being ignorant about how your data is being used!

    Overview: The GPDR makes requirements to the handling of your data and the conditions for which "handling" is legal, and due to the supremacy of EU-law it means all handling of personal information in the EU must conform jf. case of Costa v. ENEL. Basic concepts: Application: The regulation...
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    Somaliland arrests Hargeisa bureau chief of the London based Universal TV and other journalist

    And this is done without court warrants, at this point why even have a court? A telephone answering machine has more independence.
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    Somali Gay Posts Youtube Video

  4. Mugheerah

    List of violent rape apologists (on SSPOT)

    @Duchess @Barni @Reiko @JohnDoe @Tramo @ghost @Bubi @Racer @Sunique (naag oo maanta bilaabtay) @IllestCrownUsurper Walle waa yaabanahay. Caadhi ma aha. How would they like it if it happened to them? Yah? Then they get personal. Yaa laga dareemin