reer uk

  1. Farabuuto

    Xalimo featured in UK MUSIC VIDEO??? GRM Daily

    The song is complete ass but I noticed the girl looks Somali af :whoo: Times where you can see her face 0:18 0:23 0:27 0:45 0:51 0:58 2:13 2:22
  2. NoSafety

    Xalimo dances to OFB gang music: "I got beef with the Malis"

    OFB gang killed Somalis and targets them. The song she's bopping to has a part that says "I swear I got beef with the malis cus they're tryna take over the town".
  3. Yibir Huur

    ANGLO-SAXON qabil warfare goes VERBAL

    Imagine someone threatened you like this....:ftw9nwa:
  4. Waaqo of Punt

    Reer UK Lander promoted to HEAD CHEF at BUCKINGHAM PALACE

    Thoughts on this @Basra @Cognitivedissonance @Inquisitive_
  5. CanIDimo

    living standards Mn vs Uk somalis

    why do somali in the uk enjoy a better living standards than their American counterparts i came across a sad photo of somali in Minnesota, @Basra referred to this as winning :ileycry: talking about 'the interior is decorated and mashallah':tacky: damn it would be depressing to live in this...
  6. CanIDimo

    Abo funniest Somali Rap song

    I'm not sure if yall seen this rap song, it's the funnest shit This was my ring tone tune back in 2010/2011 in year 7 and 8
  7. Blackarotto

    Shocking Cute Xalimo Defends Somali Men

    So i have been going through my youtube recommendations when randomly I stumble across this video. I really didn't think much of it as I thought that the same old boring content of autistic black guy screaming for minutes straight. Then this Cute Xalimo comes up and restores my faith in the...