reer london

  1. CanIDimo

    video: UK knife fight in McDonalds

  2. CanIDimo

    Cadaan backs deported xaarmar thug from London

    Look at this cadaan man playing hero for a somali thug was deported after doing time for supplying class A drugs, The idiot from xamar came to the uk at age 6 with the sky's being the limit, instead of taking advantage of this one in a lifetime opportunity given to him by the noble white man, he...
  3. CanIDimo

    This guy needs to be stopped- geeljire delusionary

    This guy is touring the mosques in Londonistan holding lengthy lecturers about how he was once a top selling artists who had a charting album :gucciwhat:and that he gave up his multi million dollar lucrative career in the music industry for THE SEEK OF ALLAH. MASHALLAH it's something to...
  4. CanIDimo

    Somali ufc fighters dominating the scene

    This reer xamar nigga representing somalia masahllah, he annihilated this reer cornor mcgregor guy. Do i see our own somali khabib Nurmagomedov in the making ???:ohhh: here is another somali guy(somali father, cadaan dutch mother) with so much finesse. A BEAST:ohhhdamn: