red berets

  1. Sheikh

    Red Berets developmental thread

    This thread is for all the Red Berets massive lands pics, vids for all my Red Berets to share. So if my Red Berets got any gems to share you know the place to share it involving our massive lands alx Jubaland the South, Gobolada Dhexe/K5 @reer @Adaawe @Dues Ex Machete @Dalalos @Addislad...
  2. Sheikh

    Eid Mubarak my Jubalanders

    Eid Wanagsan to my fellow real killer laandheere natives of Jubaland our native state. Red Berets Lions of Africa :fittytousand: @nine @Adaawe @TekNiKo @Dues Ex Machete @Dalalos @Addislad @CBus94 @Abaadir @Murax @celidheere @IssaHC @Creed @Dalmoor @Cam
  3. Sheikh

    Eid Mubarak true Jubalanders

    Eid Mubarak to my fellow Red Berets :denzelnigga: :mjlaugh: @nine @Shaolin23 @TekNiKo @Dues Ex Machete @Nin waalan @Creed @AarLibaax @IslamIsTheAnswer @Dalmoor @Hatredfree