1. Helios

    Remembering Suldaan Cabdiqadir Maxamed

    Aun May he be rewarded by illahay for his reconciliation efforts iA
  2. Atoore

    Farmaajo oo la yaabo inuu xilka iska casilo

    XOG: Madaxweyne Farmaajo oo laga yaabo inuu xilka iska casilo (Qorshe Culus oo socda) June 12, 2020 Waxaa soo shaac baxaya qorshe in muddo ah la karinayey oo u ku saabsan midpw cusub oo dhex maraya Soomaaliya iyo Somaliland, kaasoo uu riixayo Mareykanka. Qorshahan ayaa waxaa qeyb ka...
  3. angelplan

    Reconciliation conference Galmudug capital, Dhusamareb


    Dr Osman - Somalia Reconciliation Path. Models To Consider

    It's time to address this crucial issue which really is the 'bedrock' if we will ever restore as a nation or not. Right now there is no 'reconciliation' but outright denial of the civil war and it's impacts on the national psyche. Denial isn't going to bring us closer together, it's going to rip...
  5. G


    This is an awsome documentary that highlights the attempts made by clan elders to reconcile their issues in South Central Somalia. What's makes this different from the disasterous faux reconciliation attempts made by the Somali leadership and the international community, is that this type of...