1. Prince Abubu

    Do Oromo People Exist?

    I've never seen these mofos outside of Somaliland/Somalia. How come if there's so many of them, I've never seen them in the UK? Even the ones in HRG are probably just funny-talking Dir. #OromoConspiracy
  2. B

    I'm addicted to gaming

    The real world sucks. I like to waste time gaming it helps to ignore all my problems.
  3. A

    Passport fraud?

    How many people do you know that arrived on their siblings passport to the west or through sham marriages? I have heard of one guy who brought 5 brothers and sisters to the Netherlands. Most of them then in turn brought family members and friends from the tuulo. Ps the tags say it all.
  4. Jodeci

    Racist half Asian girl says Black people are suffering from "Imaginary Opression"

    :gucciwhat::gucciwhat::gucciwhat: Dont trust indayero, shes impressing her nazi boyfriend :gucciwhat:
  5. Prince Abubu

    Does Somalia Need A Powerful Sugar-Daddy?

    As much as it pains me to say this I feel Somalis suicidal recklessness when it comes to politics and military arena is why we have no friends and a lot of enemies. If you look at he crazy regimes that seem to get away with doing what they want, they all have one thing in common, a powerful big...