ramadan mubarak

  1. Helios

    White Islamaphobes Triggered At Minnesota Adhan

    Reer Minnesota is miles ahead
  2. strawberrii

    Ramadan Mubarak everyone

    Ramadan Mubarak! <3 I pray that this month will be a blessed month for you and your family. May Allah SWT forgive us for our transgressions and accept our fasts.
  3. Sheikh

    Ramadan Kareem to my Jubalanders

    Ramadan Mubarak to my real Jubalanders aka Red Berets Lions of Africa of our native state Jubaland we conquered in history and is the majority of alx. :dabcasar::silanyolaugh: @nine @Adaawe @TekNiKo @Dues Ex Machete @addislad @CBus94 @Abaadir @Murax @celidheere @Creed @Dalmoor @Cam...
  4. Sheikh

    Ramadan Mubarak Rer Jubaland

    Ramadan Kareem to my fellow Red Berets. @nine @Dalmoor @Shaolin23 @TekNiKo @Dues Ex Machete @Creed @AarLibaax @Nin waalan @Hatredfree Also Ramadan Kareem to my mutuals and everyone too. :rejoice:
  5. Do-I-Look-Somali

    Working Our During Ramadan

    Working out during Ramadan is what I believe to be one of the best times to lose weight, and to gain new self-discipline. I lost 20 pounds last Ramadan, and gained muscle. Sadly I gained all of that back with my recent trip to the horn, and Kenya :mjkkk::patrice: But It's a new day, and a new...
  6. Sheikh

    Ramadan Mubarak to my fellow Somalis!

    The Sheikh wishes you guys to have a blessed Ramadan with your loved ones this year. May this Ramadan be the one that all commotions are out the window. And if you can give sadaqa to your local Mosques. It will benefit you in the afterlife. And hopefully we can peacefully fast the holy month...