1. Qarboosh

    Barwaaqada PL Taalo Sanadkan

    How the land tranforms after it rains
  2. Kratos

    The finest Somali girl ever - part 2

    Forget Fatima Siad look at this light skin gazelle I came across on twitter: :diddyass::lawd::whew: Rate this dime out of 10 Faaraxs
  3. HuunoHunter

    Soo Gala: Full East African/ Half East African beauties.

    Post good looking full East African/half East African beauties. I will start with this malab. She is half Rwandan and half Belgian, however she would have looked much better mariin. :banderas::banderas:
  4. YoungFarah

    Somali beauty appreciation!!

    Yasmin one half of the YouTube channel Yas and Hals is one of the prettiest Somali girls I've seen in a minute 10/10.:banderas::banderas::banderas::banderas: