1. R

    Jabal Yibir?

    Hi guys, I wanted to know if you guys knew the history behind the mountain jabal yibir in the UAE? Is it in any relation to the yibir people? Any info would help! Thanks :)
  2. Rocktheboat

    Cadaan woman speaking fax

  3. R

    Will he leave me because I’m Somali?

    I’m from the Somali yibir tribe. I don’t look Somali. Me and my dad we look middle eastern. But my mum is a bit dark. Like Indian dark. I met a Russian muslim guy me and him have been good. He even wanted to marry me very soon. Today He seen my mum for the first time now he is saying that he...
  4. Cam

    Long lost Somali's scattered across North East Africa

    After the wars against Abyssinia in the 16th century a lot of Somali soldiers scattered into neighboring nations eventually assimilating Oromo For example, Oromo's have assimilated millions of Somali's over the past 5 centuries. I know that some Harti and Geri for example have been...
  5. lalayariis

    We Are Backwards People

    I’ve been on here for about two weeks and I’m starting to see certain patterns. This site is full of trolls, wahhabis, qabilists and people who really don’t care. I know there a few who are actually none of these, but they are by far the minority. The amount of hatred and intolerance I see on...
  6. Edo Nene

    Mamo Hanna Cadey has advice for smelly suugo geeljire

    Her makeup drag looks distasteful but i do agree with her 100% Comment section are disabled :siilaanyolaugh:
  7. Malikfiqi

    Percentage of MGTOW on this site

    I'm personally amused by MGTOW but I don't follow it completely
  8. Edo Nene

    Sspoters remember this....

    his lyrics tho :dead::dead1::deadmanny: