1. Cartman

    Somali Spot Official Time Out Corner

    @Jilops24 you’re officially the first person on time out for wilding :ohno: :wow1:
  2. Awdalia Rising

    Master of Disinformation Vladimir Putin Strikes Again

    This time the master of Misinformation is claiming Russia has 0 deaths linked with COVID-19 :drakekidding: Look at Putin in his fancy suit kkk Either Putin is saying corona skipped over Russia like this Or he is claiming Russia medical industry is the only place in the world that’s making...
  3. Karim

    (Memes Thread) Putin Orders THE ENTIRE RUSSIAN government to resign!!

  4. Helios

    Greatest World Leader?

    Contributions and leadership of their nation from their national perspective. I think Vladimir Putin or Xi Jingping need to be up there since their work has been cunning and tremendous to futher Russia's and China's interests. Western leaders have been inept and I can't think of many who compare...
  5. CaliTedesse

    Putin totally ignores giving Canada and Morocco a hand

  6. S

    Putin unveils 'invincible' nuclear weapons

    Russia has developed a new array of nuclear weapons that are invincible, according to President Vladimir Putin. Mr Putin made the claims as he laid out his key policies for a fourth presidential term, ahead of an election he is expected to win in 17 days' time. The weapons he boasted of...