1. Waaqo of Punt

    This guy is a WHOLE CHARACTER. Funny or nightmare?

    I don't what to say other than the title. Just watch and tell me what you think of this guy's opinion :ftw9nwa: Funniest nigga I've seen in a while. I'm interested in your opinions: @Knowles @VixR @Basra @Furioso @Robin @CaliTedesse @geeljire madaxweyne @riyaale @NotMyL @IBRAHIM...

    Thinking Vs Doing How To Harmonize

    I find a-lot of people in the world and their seems to be a great divide between thinkers and doers. You know there is people who tell you plan, plan, plan and think and think and think but never end up doing much in terms of actions and results. But then there is the type who do and do and do...
  3. Benjamin

    Let's talk about psychology, psychology students drop in.

    I was wondering if any of you study psychology. I just finished my first year, I'm gonna start my second year after the summer. I have some questions for you guys. Why did you choose psychology as a career? what inspired you to study psychology? Do you have any study tips? which fields did you...