1. Pastoralist

    CEEB. Turks posted outside our embassy

  2. Marshall D Abdi

    Breaking News: Dutch Riot/Looting

    So basically some ciyaalsuuqs burned down covid center, starting the wave of Minnesota version 2 which esclated full riot attacking police officers they been taking some notes from murikkkans huh :hemad:
  3. Helios

    NEWS Somali Flag Raised in Minnesota Protests

    Minnesota has officially been conquered :trumpsmirk:
  4. The Somali Caesar

    NISA soldiers in Mogadishu have gone on strike

    They’ve gone on strike and blocked off the roads in protest. They claim they haven’t been paid in 3 months.
  5. Cartman

    Somali girl shot in eye protest

    This is fucked, pray for her. I don’t want to see any messed up replies, this is a young girl and no one deserves that.