1. sambuusi

    what do you guys normally do on eid?

    this eid will be different because of the lockdown :ohlord: how will your eid be different? mines is usually kinda boring since most of my family moved to other states, but the mood is still nice usually, my family just goes to the prayer and come back home to have shaax/coffee, doolsho, iyo...
  2. Strawberryshuffle

    Would it be weird.....?

    Would it be weird to ask my narcissistic boss for a loan ? To start my own little company with? Which, if successful will have me leave my current job in sha Allaah. I don't want to borrow from the bank because of interest. However I really don't like the idea of asking him or family. I hate...
  3. SultanuuFicaan

    Italian plans during WW2

    I have said it a few times on this site, WW2 marked the end of Italian colonial rule (British ruled afterwards plus un Trusteeship) and it's goal of making a mini Italy in the Horn of africa (scale of migration was ridiculously highly prior to ww2). Thank god for ww2, from a Somali...