1. Abdisamad

    An episode of @Guure's nightmare

    Every night is a struggle for our local sspot big booty bashir @Guure, for the past couple of weeks he has been having nightmares about @Shmurda
  2. Cityviews

    What was your first experience with Satan?

    For me it was around 4 years old, a malicious jinn (A shaytan) would terrorize me during my afternoon naps, by transforming into a monster head with big teeth that would stare at me, and also had two skinny hands connected to it somehow, (Imagine Haunter from pokemon) the shit looked like this...
  3. VixR

    NSFE: Russian Man Documents Alienesque Deep Sea Catches

    MURMANSK - To Russian deep-sea fisherman Roman Fedortsov, bulbous-eyed fish and slimy slack-jawed creatures are commonplace. But not so to most other people - pictures of strange and wonderful fish found in the deep waters off Murmansk, a port city in north-west Russia, have fascinated...