1. Manafesto

    Puntland Peeso: the need for PL currency

    Puntland has always been dealing with counterfeit Somali Shilings both printed inside and out side the region causing uncertain financial burden and high inflation rate. It is unfortunate that the Somali shilling is lowest currency in the world by exchange value and isn't even recognized by any...
  2. S

    Somalia hits a landmark w/ official launch of registration of political parties for the first time

    @TSP @XamarCade @embarassing @Abdalla @jugjugwacwac @Waxwaalan @D2HUM8L31NE
  3. S


    Prosecutorial discretion is so much greater in the US than Denmark. Flynn accepted a pleadeal admitting to lying. That Flynn was only charged for lying and not interference on the behalf of the Russians shows he flipped. The question is only on who Senior Trump? Kusner? Jr. Trump? Or Mike...
  4. ArchBishopofAtheism

    Terror Attack in Edmonton

    A jihadi inbred rams people and stabs a cop (no idea why they didn't end his misery). First such attack of it's kind here in Edmonton. I fucking hate islamists and this inbred was probably Somali too...
  5. S

    A victory for globalistas Angela Merkel is projected to win her fourth consecutive federal election

    Another L for @AbdiJew and @XamarCade as globalist wins once more in Europe! Mama Merkel is slaying her competition :cool: Source:
  6. S

    OMG what is happening? Trump administration is NOT withdrawing from Paris Climate deal despite promi

    U.S. has stated it will ‘not renegotiate the Paris accord’ but will review its terms Trump is the ultimate cuckhold @AbdiJew and @XamarCade, @ArchBishopofAtheism Source:
  7. S

    BREAKING NEWS: Major shooting in New York city hospital, at least 4 dead

    Active shooter, multiple casualties reported at Bronx Hospital I hope to god that he is not...
  8. S

    Ireland 'leads the world in Islamic values followed by Denmark and Belgium as Muslim states lag'

    Interesting proposal: "Ireland best embodies the Islamic values of opportunity and justice, according to a survey by a leading US academic Hossein Askari, an Iranian-born professor of International Business and International Affairs at George Washington University, said Muslim countries used...
  9. S

    EedoMenace's obnoxious threads will be no more

    He has admitted himself to a rehab like celebrities do when they do stupid shit like DUI. Spread the word! @AbdiJohnson you'll to find a new adoptive father.
  10. S

    UK saves EU once again, and who is in favour of Brexit on Somalispot and how has it impacted you?

    Let's make a little poll. Brexit happend almost a year ago and the world reacted to it by rejecting right-wing parties across Europe and now European like the EU more since Brexit and even british... Source:
  11. S

    Britain First bait Muslims who were helping Grenfell Tower fire victims

    Footage has emerged showing Britain First leader Paul Golding baiting Muslims who were helping victims of the Grenfell Tower fire at the East London Mosque. Mr Golding has claimed he was “abused” for “standing on a British pavement and filming” but a video posted on social media by the mosque...
  12. S

    BREAKING SHOOTING:US Republican politician and aides have been shot during baseball game in Virginia

    "Fox News said House of Representatives Majority Whip Steve Scalise and aides have been hit by gunfire. Police tweeted they were "investigating multiple shooting 400 block E Monroe St. Suspect believed in custody." An apparent eyewitness said on Twitter that gunfire rang out at the YMCA...
  13. S

    Democracy in action! Three female journalists allegedly beaten by police in Hargeisa

    "Three female journalists were allegedly been beaten by police officers during a visit to a prison in the administrative capital of the breakaway Somaliland, Hargeisa Sunday." :susp: Any man who beats a...
  14. Nin xun

    The introduction thread

    Hey, I'm new here but really more of a long time lurker and I decided that I should start posting some and engage in the discussion being had. That is when I saw that there wasn't an introduction thread for new folks, so I decided to make one. Basically I'm a secular somali from Scandinavia...
  15. Lily


    Hi everyone. I come across this site and it seems pretty cool. I just have lil question tho. Do newbies have to pass some sort of test in order to post?? Thaaaanks P)