naag nool

  1. Sloane Ranger

    Groom Kidnappings

  2. lalayariis

    Somali Men Are....

  3. Odkac WRLD

    Where is the train of thinking coming from?

    Someone posted a thread on “how come somali girls are pretty and Somali boys are ugly” and quickly deleted it so I didn’t have a chance to karbash them yet smh where does this thinking come from? I’ve had plenty of success with ajnabi girls, and some faraxs have done even better than I kkkk...
  4. NoSafety

    Xalimo dances to OFB gang music: "I got beef with the Malis"

    OFB gang killed Somalis and targets them. The song she's bopping to has a part that says "I swear I got beef with the malis cus they're tryna take over the town".
  5. Waaqo of Punt

    CHRISTIAN xalimo!??! (half Axumite) I didn't know Axumite influence was so deep into Somali territory subhanallah
  6. Waaqo of Punt

    Reer UK xalimo become LEADING manager at N.A.S.A !!!

    Upocoming rapper. She reminds me of nastexo
  7. Calaf

    Somalis in The Student Room (Quotes)

    ''sorry for the bad grammer/spelling. i live in the Netherlands so my english sucks. So i am in a relationship and i really love my boyfriend. I have been dating him since 2015. I am muslim and i know dating is forbidden but we love each other and we dont go that far, just holding hands...