1. Puffin Stuff

    My Upte was on tv

    ny Upte the man below was on tv and I’ve only just found out I’m not reer daahir but my mother is his sister guys a legend he’s got a booming voice he’s callled cod dheer in Burco you might know who his father is but that’s for another thread
  2. DRACO

    How often do you pray salah.

    How many of u are on your Deen :lolbron:
  3. warculus

    History of Sheikh Xasan Barsame. Resistance of the South

    Sheekh Xasan Barsane “ ( 1853 – 1927 )Sheekh Xasn Sheekh Nuur Sheekh Axmed oo lo yiqiin Sheekh Xasan Barsane wuxuu dhashay sanadka markuu ahaa 1853, wuxuuna ku dhashay tuulada loo yaqaan Ubaadi oo u jirta qiyaas ilaa 68Km magaalada Jowhar, Gobolka Shabeelaha Dhexe, Soomaaliya. Hooyadiis...
  4. $

    :ooh: Minsister Claims to Have Paid (false) Puntland Mujahideen

    One of the kleptomaniac Federal Government ministers claims to have paid the Puntland Mujahideen Force their allocation of government money, i.e their salaries. In typical FG this has been proven to be untrue. Why would they pay Harti + Leelkase + Awrtable + Madhibaan (anyone else I forgot...