1. Helios

    TRENDING NEWS UK School Forces Somali Girl to Dress Immodestly

    Shameful stuff they can't get worse Somalis have been attacking the principal (@UHSPrincipal) of Siham's Uxbridge school on twitter tho :mjlaugh:
  2. A

    Weird traits you would preferably want in your partner?

    Don't know why but personally i think girls who cover their mouths when laughing are sexy. Hard to explain but almost shows an innocence or modesty that makes me non innocent immodest things.
  3. Duchess

    The conditions of 'gabar xishood leh', an idealized Somali womanhood

    Years ago, on a bleak winter afternoon, I had my tongue professionally pierced in Toronto. I had numerous piercings beforehand so my family should have been accustomed to my piercing tendencies. Unfortunately, judging from their reactions—ranging from bemused to horrified—that was not the case...