1. Manafesto

    NEWS SouthWest Elders demand a Federal committee to investigate Farmaajo's use of Ethiopian forces to massacre them in Baydhabo and reject the SWS election

    The SouthWest tribal cheifs and it's elders held this important meeting in Mogdishu to discuss the upcoming election of the country, the elders all agreed on three important issues both the FGS and the clan should focus on working on to save the SWS region from further war and mayhem among the...


    This morning on June 3 is a sad day for Sudan, as the top brass of the army has brought in the feared Rapid Support Forces (Bashir's Schutzstaffel) to kill protestors in Khartoum. From AlJazeera:
  3. X00r

    US Congress demanding Ethiopia government allow UN US Congress demanding Ethiopia government allow UN rapporteurs access into the country to investigate abuses. There are mass graves Ogaden region. If they refuse a...
  4. SultanuuFicaan

    Himyarite kingdom, Najran Massacre + annexation of Himyar by Aksumites (Byzantium)

    Eventually the Aksumites would be kicked out from Yemen, their original homeland :russ: by the Sassanids in a couple of decades later. To which they were too defeated by the Arabs a couple of decades later and the mighty persians have yet to recover till this day. - Persian- Abyssinian wars...