1. King Khufu

    How accurate are these videos? [Bahasa Thread]

    These are Edutainment Language Videos by Langfocus on the Bahasa Languages. Any linguists in the house can verify accuracy and authenticity?
  2. R

    1MBD:The World's largest heist - $4.5 billion stolen from Malaysian Development Fund

    You would think the world's largest embezzlement of publicly designated funds would happen in an African country lol but no the indhoyaars got that. The former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak, along with Chinese Malaysians (they control Malaysia's economy and the rest of SE Asia) stole...
  3. Nilotufian

    More in common than just the macawiis (sarong) perhaps

    Abo in Malaysian is abah
  4. Prince Abubu

    Orang Asli

    There are a few indigenous groups in Malaysia and Indonesia. Orang Asli The most interesting group are the Negritos. They speak a Mon-Khmer language related to Cambodian and Vietnamese, yet they look like a mix of Africans and Papuans. Strange.