1. 486th President

    Favorite Fast Food Chips

    I prefer the chips from McDonald’s they are amazing so macaan when they hit your mouth and with some cream on it 10/10
  2. 486th President

    SSPOT GAME - Would You Rather 🙇🏾‍♂️

    One person will make a “would you rather” question then the next few people will answer :samwelcome: I know it’s a very macaan idea :king: Question number 1: Would you rather know how you are going to die or when you are going to die? :ohdamn:
  3. Waxwaalan

    Pringles Ketchup flavor

    Eating some right now wallahi they must be the best flavor out of all. Reminds me of Lays vinegar i use to have when i was in U.K :banderas::diddyass: This is not a sponsored ad, go buy the ketchup flavor in stores right now for only a limited time :francis::ohhhdamn: