1. alien


    I've been wondering. does af Maay Maay have less loan words than Maxa Tiri. I've noticed that Maay Maay doesn't have the letters X, C, KH. also correct me if I'm wrong but all KH words are loan words right.
  2. SultanuuFicaan

    Af Maay has a unique alphabet compared to Maxaa Tiri, written in Roman alphabet " The most recent attempt to transcribe Maay was carried out by the late Mustapha Sheikh who used the first Latin-based transcription. However, the first organized and systematic attempt to institutionalize the Alif-Maay...
  3. decca

    New YouTube Video // Sheeko Sheeko

    Hey guys! I was afraid the site was down for good! Good to be back (: I wanted to share my newest video I found out that 1.) People don't understand my Somali 2.) The ones who do speak af maaymaay Do any of you guys understand all Somali dialects? Do you guys understand mine? I think I...