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    TRIGGER WARNING I Love Ayaan Hirsi Ali!

    I Love Ayaan Hirsi Ali! I have read two of her books. I have also seen videos of her debating Muslims. Waa an ku Raaxeystaa! She is a brave Revolutionary. May God keep her safe! Are there any fans of Ayaan?
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    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! I wish for peace and prosperity for the Somali speaking peoples! I Hope we can regain our Dignity. LoveandLight
  3. Puffin Stuff

    Death in Damascus

    “You are currently in Damascus. Death knocks on your door and tells you I am coming for you tomorrow. You value your life at $1,000 and would like to escape death. You have the option of staying in Damascus or paying $1 to flee to Aleppo. If you and death are in the same city tomorrow, you die...