1. Manafesto

    Somalia's EX Pres Farmaajo 5th year waging an economic war on Somaliland(managed to almost destory their Live stock export to the Gulf)

    It was just three weeks ago when we all heard about the 19 countries Farmaajo's failed administration has blocked Somaliland students from recieving scholarships, ileyn this was just small dent compared to the Cuqdadd laangaab leveling the Somaliland livestock to the ground,this man is sick and...
  2. Kezira

    Jeeganistan Somalilandi can get nothing done without FGS approval

    Have you guys been aware of this fact: 1. Berbera Port Somalandi Jeeganist ilma xaaraan were beating their chest that they got a deal with DP world. While in actuality it was the FGS that signed the deal for them so the development can continue in their barren wasteland. 2. Current crisis with...
  3. M

    SOMALILAND Dams, Water and Drainage Infrastructure Thread