1. Boogie

    There is some major cap going on...

    A lot of people on here claim they are light skin with small noses jileec hair eat healthy 24/7 and make a lot of money and workout. Also no one comes from a .5 minority
  2. Helios

    Leading Salah High??

    The blatant slander audhubillah this girl has Toronto in her bio and is shitting on all of us for twitter clout 1. Why is she around people who drink lean 2. How would someone high off codeine (lean) manage to lead salah :holeup::umwhat:
  3. Prettymuslim94

    Doctor paid to cover up murder I don't support BLM but i call BS.
  4. Cartman

    What user do you think is a cap

    Who do you think lies the most on here? :ohreally: I feel like it’s @Medulla because I don’t believe anything he/she/it writes.
  5. Odkac WRLD

    My escape from Seattle

    @a y a n has called the FBI on me due to my priors the state troopers and FBI task force are en route to my home I’ve made it on to the back of a Delta jet heading to NY, NY to London, London to Ethiopia with a drive to Garowe does anyone have lodging for me to stay in Garowe, I can work for...
  6. M

    OFFCIAL CENSUS. Vote which height range you are in!

    I don’t want to see no lies. State your true height. we seem to have a bunch of 6ft plus Somalis here and I know for a fact half of you be like 5’5 or something. No height-shaming allowed ladies and gentlemen. let’s see how tall - or how short- the Somalis are.
  7. 4head

    Jordan Peterson is a FRAUD§§

    He supports his friend, Ben Shapiro, a proud jew who's sionist and a proud American. And many of you know at least one of these guys. J.Peterson doesn't support European Identitarian groups. Because "they are nationalists and white pride". But he remains silent when it comes to the jewish pride...