1. Aden Ciisman

    Intolerance against Liberals on SSPOT

    Why do liberals get so much hate here? And i don’t mean being challenged on ones believes but straight up insulted! Shouldn’t this forum be a place where all Somalis can share their beliefs and be dismissed because the majority doesn’t agree? I’m a liberal. I believe in pro-choice, same sex...
  2. hindhisle

    Think You're Smart About Politics? You Might Be Libertarian

    This study shows the more analytical people are about politics the more libertarian leaning views they hold. Its well reflected that both lefties and socially conservative voters more often than not make emotionally driven political decitions and they are tribal - they tend to never have a...
  3. hindhisle

    Democracy and Islam

    Democracy has long been a western concept of governing a sociaty where the majority decides. It has been described as the best way to govern by many observers, westen and non-western. I, myself, don care about it so long as i have indivual and economical liberty. The question is, is democracy...
  4. Prince Abubu

    What's the most expensive thing you've ever bought?

    I remember using my Hagbad money to buy a Rolex. :liberaltears::jcoleno: I once bought an expensive video game, only to find out my PC wasn't compatible.:mjcry: I once took a girl out to a place that served caviar. Sufficed to say, my bank account committed suicide that night. My current...
  5. S

    The world would be à great placé without those annoying retarded femanist libertards

    All i hear is privilège and blah blah. Westerns media is brainwashing majority of Somalis females. Why dont you study islam and realize the religion is giving plenty rights and honoring our females. Isnt the footstep of paradise under your Mother's feet (female)? Dont we recieve plenty of...
  6. iui

    russian politician with a special message

    Your thoughts :geek: Washed with shampoo savage :mjlol::chrisfreshhah:
  7. Sixth

    AbdiJohnson in real life