land of punt

  1. Maintainnnin

    The Gash Group (ca. 3000-1400 BC) is the Land of Punt

    The Gash Group is a neolithic culture situated in the Southeastern Sudan and Northern Eritrea region. The academic consensus based on the most recent archeological evidence is that this culture is the Land of Punt. Excavations at its capital of Mahal Teglinos revealed evidence of permanent...
  2. Qarboosh

    Somalia; The Land of Punt Confirmed!

    Look at these ancient artifacts and relics found in somalia :chrisfreshhah::drakelaugh:
  3. Crow

    Land of Punt: Secretarybird depiction found in paintings confirms African location These birds of prey are found in the open grasslands and savannahs all across sub-Saharan Africa from east to west to south. The important bit is that they are only found in Africa so the Arabian Peninsula is no longer a contender as a possible...