kanye west

  1. Axlam

    Favorite Kanye album

    Hey guys what’s your favorite albums
  2. H

    jeen-yuhs on Netflix

    Jeen-yuhs is a brilliant documentary on Kanye. Episode 1 covers the beginning of his career, and his struggle to get signed as a rapper. Episode 1 showed Kanye's ambition, perseverance, self-belief, and his undeniable talent. I think we can all learn something from him. I loved how his debut...
  3. Waxa Jiray

    Reer Minnesota! Please vote for Adeero Kanye!

    He made it on the ballot. #SOMALISFORKANYE2020 #SOMALISREDPILL
  4. CanIDimo

    held Kim by the throat nigga

    The Game has released a vile and degrading new track where he raps about choking Kim Kardashian with his BBC. this comes after drake hinted he also fucked kim k in sicko mode while she was married to kanye "I crept down the block (down the block), made a right (yeah, right) Cut the lights (yeah...