1. Manafesto

    NEWS Shabbelle river farmers in Hirshabelle are severely effected by lack of water after the Ethiopian government dryed up the river

    Farmaajo and his Ethiopian puppet administration should be brought to justice for turning blind on Ethiopian drying up the Shabbelle river,the lifeline of many Somali farmers and communities in Hirshabelle region and it's surroundings. Nacaltulah Xarmaajo's short sighted actions and damages to...
  2. DRACO

    Khat traders in jowhar firing Anti Aircraft missiles at rival traders.

    Khat Aircraft Survives Anti Aircraft Missiles Attack In Jowhar As Rival Traders Face Off On Apr 2, 2018 Share Several missiles were shot at an aircraft that had intended to land at the Jowhar Airport on Monday to deliver Khat forcing it to turn back to Mogadishu, Radio Dalsan reports. The...
  3. Duchess

    Somali Bantu walk out of Jowhar conference

    because they're unsatisfied with the way seats were being divided.