1. Al-Burcaawi

    landers come in it's urgent

    i got banned from wikipedia thanks to a butthurt pro-unionist gadabuursi nigga who reported me i need y'all to change wikipedia articles about towns in somaliland and put in the somaliland flag and name the fact that borama and aynabo are under somalia is just an insult to my integrity let's...
  2. SultanuuFicaan

    Baardheere Jihad (1830's/1840's) and the subsequent Geledi wars of expansion (1846 - 1878)

    "Not all believers in Somalia subscribed to the interpretation of Islam propagated by the saints and adopted by such prominent leaders as the shaykh of Mereerey and the sultan of Geledi. The accommodation of Sufi Islam within the existing framework of Somali society produced for some Muslim...