1. CaliTedesse

    Mogadishu's fortified wall destroyed by Italian fascists

    I remember once reading although I can't find the source that Mogadishu had a huge fortified wall which was destroyed by the Italians considering the Italians actually understood Mogadishu was an ancient city with enough architecture to directly challenge their supremacist anti-African views...
  2. warculus

    History of Sheikh Xasan Barsame. Resistance of the South

    Sheekh Xasan Barsane “ ( 1853 – 1927 )Sheekh Xasn Sheekh Nuur Sheekh Axmed oo lo yiqiin Sheekh Xasan Barsane wuxuu dhashay sanadka markuu ahaa 1853, wuxuuna ku dhashay tuulada loo yaqaan Ubaadi oo u jirta qiyaas ilaa 68Km magaalada Jowhar, Gobolka Shabeelaha Dhexe, Soomaaliya. Hooyadiis...
  3. SultanuuFicaan

    History of Somali coins and banknotes

    "In order to facilitate regional trade, the Mogadishu Sultanate began minting its own coins, a move which had the effect of centralizing its commercial hegemony. The currency bears the names of 23 successive Sultans of Mogadishu. Some coins also adopted the style of the extant Fatimid and...